Cheesy Free Stuff from Sweetery

Does Sweetery ever sell anything from their truck? I feel like they’re always teamed up with some food company giving away free samples. Better news for us, really. From now until October 30, they’ll be giving out free cheese samples from Castello Cheese. Three samples will be offered, including Weissbier (doesn’t that mean wheat beer?), Bergkase, and Hirten so check their location on Twitter (today they’re at 50th bw 6th and 7th) so go and get your free cheese!


  • It was good cheese and a decent amount of it for a free sample. You’re supposed to vote on the cheese samples online and for every vote they donate money to the Food Bank of NYC…so get your free cheese and do some good!

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    They were doing this promotion yesterday at 53rd and Lexington, but I couldn’t work up the appetite for plain cheese at 8:30 AM (which is odd b/c I usually love cheese at all hours!)

  • Of course it weissbier means wheat beer, but I guess they wanted to stress that it’s a German wheat beer. (It’s also probably written ‘weissbier’ on the bottle and they’re just copying it off that.)

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      But this is referring to cheese. I don’t know much about cheese, but maybe it’s washed in wheat beer??

      • Yeah, that’s a common enough practice to wash the rinds in beer. You’ve probably seen the Chimay-washed cheeses at cheese shops, por ejemplo.

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    Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by our truck – if you missed us or want to tell your friends, we will be out every day until October 30th! Follow us @CastelloUSA and on for daily location updates.

    The cheese type is called Weissbier, and it is in fact named after German wheat beer, because it is wiped with local Weissbier 3x a week while it ripens. You guys know your stuff!

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