TONY’s 100 Best List Includes Few ML Options

It’s been a good week for Café China. The hot Szechuan restaurant not only received a Michelin star this week, but they also found themselves included in Time Out’s Annual 100 Best issue, which was released yesterday. Sadly, Cafe China’s $9 spicy diced rabbit dish is TONY’s only real ML option (leaving me to wonder how it stacks up against Lan Sheng’s version.) Other Midtown dishes on Time Out’s list are either past the $10 mark (the cassoulet at Chez Napoleon, the fried pizza at Don Antonio) or are not available for lunch (the Shacked Cheese at Reunion Bar, the Spicy Fries with Wasabi Cream at Mr. Robata). Still, I’ve managed to find some mighty tasty bites from their previous lists, so if you’re feeling like a splurge, these might be worth a look. You can check out their entire list at Time Out’s website.


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