Video Break: A Traditional Easter Meal at Lan Sheng?

Growing up I usually spent this time of year at a Passover seder, while my friends were going on much livelier Easter egg hunts, so I don’t really have a good sense of what to eat on Easter. But I figured rabbit was probably a good place to start, no? And it turns out Midtown favorite Lan Sheng (on 39th btw. 5+6th) has three different versions on the menu (only the appetizer option is within ML’s budget, but the others are a worthy holiday splurge). So the other day I headed over to check it out and with Clay’s help, I was able to document the fun (much like the St. Patrick’s Day video we did a few weeks back.)

My first Easter meal, caught on video, after the jump.  Enjoy and Happy Bunny Day (does anybody say that?)!!

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  • Amusing approach. Haven’t been to Lan Sheng for a while but did enjoy two or three visits and found it a fine alternative to Szechuan Gourmet across the street. The rabbit is good but the bones are troublesome. Over all, a a fine review, the Easter Egg joke could have been more specific, say 1,000-Year-Old Easter Egg. A couple of things that should be noted first, Mr. Hoffman needs to get a little more specific on the seasonings and also, the “TOP 100″ has little to do with food quality, it’s a promotion conceived by a Chinese restaurant trade organization and virtually any restaurant that pays its fee gets listed, so, it’s a sign to ignore. Lan Sheng gets the typical fare, i.e.,Ma Po Tofu and Tan Tan Mein right, but I’ve come to prefer China Cafe on East 37nd, a five minute walk away. (And, in the end, I think Wu Liang Yee sit on top of all the midtown Szechuan joints.)

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