Checking Out Sapporo’s Updated Menu

Sapporo has once again undergone a menu makeover, as we mentioned a couple of weeks ago. And Sapporo regulars from the Yelp community have been complaining that the gyoza are not the same, neither is the miso ramen. Not a good sign. I’ve been by a couple times now for takeout, now, and have had mixed experiences with both new and old dishes.

The chicken nanban don ($10), a new dish to the menu, came with miso soup. My immediate reaction was that it was a nice sized portion of food. Marinated fried chicken (larger pieces than karaage, but similar) sat over a bed of cabbage and Japanese rice. Chicken was a little fatty (not greasy), and that’s a very good thing. If you usually gravitate towards some kind of boneless, skinless chicken breast dish, this is definitely not the lunch for you. The whole thing was topped with a few chopped chilis for very little heat. Not sure what exactly the rice soaked up, but there was a little soy color/vinegar flavor in there. Lunch’er thened commented on a previous post that the chicken nanban (unclear whether that’s the one on the teishoku — or sets — menu, or from the donburi one) came with a tartar-like sauce on it, but my donburi-style one definitely did not. Bummer.

On another occasion I went back to try the vegetable ramen, which I ordered with shio-flavored soup, and I got it to-go. When I got back to my desk, I was super annoyed, because WTF is with those two inches of space at the top of the container?? I didn’t order 3/4 of a lunch. Fill ‘er up! I thought that the reason “to-go” ramen is tricky business is because the noodles can get too soft, but really the issue was I totally got skimped. I wonder if eating there will get you a full bowl of ramen or have portions shrunk across the board?

The noodles did became a little soft in transport, which is to be expected but was nothing to complain about. In the end, it was still a soulful dish with garlicy braccoli rabe, scallions and corn. I can’t remember which soup I had last time I had the vegetable ramen, so I can’t do a direct comparison. However, I have definitely ordered the shio soup (the lightest option Sapporo offers) before, and although it was not the same, it was still very flavorful. I just wish I had more of it.

Sapporo, 152 W 49th St (btw. 6+7th). 212-869-8972


  • Ramen is supposed to be eaten fresh. Once it hits a plastic container it’s no good.

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    Next time ask for the noodles to be packed separately. That way they are not soggy when you are ready to eat them.

  • The new menu and food items are just not the same, it’s sad to see this place change.

    The noodles are not the same, and they got rid of my office favorite: the curry ramen.

    Seems like they’re trying to compete with the “higher-end” ramen places.

    I’ve been there twice since the change and I will never go back.

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