Uncle Gussy’s Shrimp Souvlaki is Some Neo-Grecian Goodness (And It’s Todays Special!)

Uncle Gussy's Truck

2012 Vendy’s Finalist, Uncle Gussy’s, has made a name for themselves doing traditional Greek dishes–homemade loukaniko (Greek sausage), pastistio, and of course, pork chops with lemon potatoes. And of course they do the typical Queens style greek souvlaki on a stick with salt and lemon juice. But did you know they also do a shrimp souvlaki as a lunch special!?  And it’s anything but typical Greek food…

Uncle Gussy's Shrimp Souvlaki special

The shrimp souvlaki is a “Mom” & Franky creation and comes with a kickin’ pineapple jalapeno salsa on the side, along with hot sauce and Mom’s homemade super garlicky tzatziki. Served over a bed of yellow rice with a Greek salad for $11. It’s a buck over the ML limit, but I’m willing to splurge for shrimp. It’s a little hard to tell in the photo, but there were 10 to 12 medium shrimp (I’ll admit I started eating before I counted). The shrimp had a nice char to them. If you like spicy and sweet foods, the salsa is a really great addition. It was a more than ample lunch and a nice departure from my standard platter order. The shrimp souvlaki isn’t always on the menu and the early Lunch’r gets the shrimp. I tend to be a later Lunch’r myself and I’ve been shut out of shrimp a few times.

Uncle Gussy parks every day on 51st & Park Avenue and they should be packing the shrimp today. As always, check the ML Twitter Tracker before you go.

Oh, and if you want to cheer Uncle Gussy’s (and other ML favorites like The Cinnamon Snail and Coolhaus) on at the Vendy’s? Tickets are still available for the event and VIP hour (with some of the ML crew), but they are expected to sell out, so don’t wait too long!

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