Lunch Links (The “Lamb Hot Pocket” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Robyn Lee/Serious Eats New York.

  • A look at Cer Te’s new lamb hot pocket [SENY]
  • Okadaman’s okonomyaki is good despite being pre-made [EIT]
  • A bagel and lox from Ess a Bagel is totally worth the splurge [Tasty Eating]
  • Uncle Gussy’s portokalopita is damn good [Eat to Blog]
  • Get a tour of Guy Fieri’s new Times Sq. restaurant…[Eater]
  • … and here’s a look at the menu [Eater]
  • Big Gay Ice Cream Truck has a cookbook coming out… in 2014!? [Grub Street]
  • Here’s where the dude form Crave Ceviche bar likes to eat in Midtown East [SENY]
  • Bombay Fast Food and 2 Bros have come to a pizza compromise! [NYT]


  • Pizza peace at last, but criminal investigations possible? Wow. The first potential federal antitrust pizza litigation in American history? Any legal scholars wanna confirm/deny in case there’s some obscure use of Domino’s asserting executive privilege over their equivalent of Fast and Furious?

  • I have that Ess-a-Bagel sandwich every Saturday morning.
    In fact it’s too big of a sandwich so I usually have the counter person scoop out some of the dough inside, leaving a nice, hot, crusty vehicle to hold the cream cheese and lox. Sometimes I will substitute the cream cheese and have the lox on top of egg salad instead. A very tasty combination for maybe a dollar extra. You can also spot the non New Yorkers right away who ask for their Bagels toasted, even they’re piping hot out of the oven.

  • Had that lamb pocket today… it ruled. Not quite enough for a full lunch tho. Also had the Cer Te gazpacho, which was unlike any I have ever had. Very creamy and the minced vegetables gave it a lovely texture. Only complaint is the price for both was around $15. Awesome chow but that was a bit high. Lamb pocket and a 1/2 gazpacho for $10-11 would be the sweet spot. Nice work on the superb quality of both tho, Cer Te

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