Flatiron Lunch: Even the Vegetarian Subs at No. 7 Are Great

Every Friday we go south of the ML boundaries in search of a delicious lunch. Sometimes it’s Murray Hill south or the Flatiron District, sometimes Gramercy and everything in between- but we just like to call it Flatiron Lunch.

Last week’s post about Blue Dog got me thinking about (and craving) No. 7 Sub. I haven’t been in a while. They make, arguably, the best sub in Flatiron, if not NYC (not that I am looking to start a fight). They change their menu somewhat regularly so they probably had some new sandwiches to try. Clearly, it was time for a revisit.

Other than the menu (and we will get to that), not much has changed at No. 7 Sub. Since Jason Lam first wrote about their opening in March 2010, the line has gotten much better. They still have a good crowd, but my order took only about 10 minutes including waiting to order.

I hope you all have figured this out in the two plus years since they have opened, but just in case, I want to make a PSA: Don’t count out the vegetarian options at No. 7 Sub! Several months ago, I had the broccoli and ricotta salata sandwich and was amazed with little broccoli ends crisped in the toasting conveyor belt. I have never had a bad sandwich here, and I find them all very filling. In fact, I took the above photo to try to illustrate how big even half the sandwich is. I am not sure if the photo does the sandwich justice, but I find they are more than enough for lunch.

Another detail I don’t remember from previous visits is the sign above the register that says “WE <3 (HEART) MAYO! If you don’t, please tell the cashier. It might be on the sandwich you’re about to order.” True Statement. They put mayo on most of the sandwiches. And I normally don’t love mayo, but I find they never overdo it. Additionally, it normally has flavoring necessary for the sandwich.

It seems that with the new flavor combinations, the menu also got some new prices over $10, which is disappointing for all of us Flatiron Lunch’ers. This includes the $12 Cheesesteak with miso whiz, funyuns, and pickled jalapenos. I am pretty sure some readers out there will spring for it despite the price. So it seems that No. 7 Sub at The Plaza Hotel Food Hall isn’t the only branch with subs above $10.

The zucchini parm was sold out the day I went, but I found out from the cashier that it is one of the few sandwiches that have been around since the beginning. But even this sandwich changes from eggplant parm to zucchini parm.

Having never gotten the chance to try the General Tso’s tofu sandwich, I went for the Mongolian tofu sandwich ($9). The tofu had a nice sweetness counter-balanced by the spicy jalapeno mayo. The heat creeps up on you after the sweet hits you.

The tofu was not at all greasy despite being fried. The pickled waxed beans helped cut the richness and provided a necessary textual crunch.

Wanting to represent the carnivores out there, I also ordered the cold meatloaf sandwich ($10). The cold meatloaf is exactly that, but the smoky bacon in the mayo comes through and elevates this sandwich. I was disappointed by the tomatoes. They looked terrible and considering it was the height of good tomato season, there is no excuse.

With the regular influx of new sandwiches to the menu and my total love for everything they do, as long as they don’t price out of the ML range, I think I might have to make No. 7 Sub post a semi-annual Flatiron post. Um. For science, of course.

The + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • How does No. 7 Sub keeping hitting it out the park while pushing the boundaries of ingredients?!?!
  • This has to be the best tofu sandwich in the city.
  • By the time I eat my way through the menu, they will have more options for me to try.

The – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I want what I want in my sandwich, and I am not willing to compromise for these strange combos.
  • It won’t be very long before none of these sandwiches are under $10.
  • These sandwiches aren’t big enough. Period.

No. 7 Sub, 1188 Broadway btwn 28 and 29 Street, 212-532-1680


  • 2 words. F**KING DISGUSTING! I have panned this garbage churning hellhole a number of times and will continue to do so everytime it is mentioned! I want the EPA to test the stuff they produce b/c I’m pretty sure that “mayo” “is slang for a dead entity’s secretion. I have smelled some of their “fare” and it is hurl inducing swill, driving me from my office in tears of disgust! Don’t do it to yourself!!! More importantly, don’t torture your co-workers!!!!!! YUCK! YUCKY!!!!!!

  • Those sandwiches look pretty small. No wonder you needed to order 2 of them for the sake of research. BTW, is that you taking the picture ,behind the bicycles, in the windows reflection?

  • This is on a whole other plane of horrible and hate than Freddy’s. I don’t like freddy’s, but it didn’t smell like rotting corpses ,i.e., most fare from no 7 sub….the smell of some of the food this place puts out angers my entire office.

  • Goats you made me laugh so hard. If they only gave out Pulitzers for comedy, i would so want it to go to you. On a more serious note, I have always wanted to try this place….it does seem interesting….but your musings on it have given me pause….is there anyone else who feels the same way that Goats does????

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