Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are Hard to Resist

Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie

There are some foods I wish I didn’t know existed. But knowledge can’t be reversed and I can’t stuff Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookies back inside their puffy cloud covered Pandora’s Box. Resistance is futile. This is a battle I’m destined to lose so instead I’m going to share the burden of these habit-forming chocolate chip cookies.


First they lure you in with the smell–that warm, buttery, chocolatey, fresh cookie smell that wafts down the long corridors of the Rock Center. Then they bait the hook with the price–a single scoop at Ben & Jerry’s is 3.75 plus tax, a giant chocolate chip cookie (that’s a big binder clip in that pic!)…less than 2 bucks. Break out that Rock Center privilege card for 10% off).

There are different schools of thought about chocolate chip cookies: chewy, crispy, soft, and crunchy etc. For me Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookies tap into some lunchtime Pavlovian response carefully planted by Aramark cafeteria services with those warm 50 cent Otis Spunkmeyer cookies I remember from my school days.

These cookies aren’t elegant. They’re not made with European butter like the ones at Culture. They’re not baked to order like at Ma Peche (though they do bake them throughout the day). They’re not made with intensely dark chocolate like the ones, just down the other corridor at Jaques Torres. But I’d definitely rank them a step up from Mrs. Field’s for the amount of melty chocolate chips and the wonderfully caramelly flavor in the cookie base. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me a good frosted cookie, but I’d venture these cookies taste a little less processed (sorry Mrs. F!). They are so soft they melt in your mouth. They are so buttery they leave a sheen on your finger tips. They are a pure guilty-pleasure if ever there was one.

Ben & Jerry’s, Rock Center Concourse, 212-218-7843

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  • Had this today. The cookie was flatter and bigger than what it pictured. It cost $1.75. It was chewy, chocolatey and sweet. I love it.

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