Smush “The NY Deli of Desserts” Coming Soon to Bryant Park Area

Perhaps clueing in on the successes of the Coolhaus Truck and ‘wichcraft ice cream sandwich kiosk, a new establishment called Smush (40th St. btw. 5th + 6th) is opening soon among the land of gourmet delis near Bryant Park. Fittingly, it calls itself The NY Deli of Desserts, and plans to sell speciality ice cream sandwiches with namesakes borrowed from savory sandwiches. According to their website, they’ll be selling sandwiches such as the “Chocolate Covered Struben”, the “Chocolate Patty Melt”, the “French Chip” and the “Sloppy Mo’”. They also have an option for customers to build their own sandwiches. If you would like to learn more, or if you’re interested in reading about the riveting story of Smush the Penguin from Icey Mount Smushmore, their website is very informative. Obviously the ML team will keep you updated on Smush as we learn more.


  • Okay, now THIS is generic deli I can get behind. Given that Coolhaus has been a fairly sporadic visitor to the Bryant area this makes life a lot easier on those cravings for ice cream.

    Their web design on the other hand… when did Flash become an acceptable alternative to actually providing information?

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    it would be nice if this place could open before the end of the summer

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    Noticed they opened Saturday as I was walking by so I popped in. This place is the real deal. If you’re looking to fill your sweet tooth in the midtown area this is a great stop. Very cool art work inside and they built steps inside to resemble a NYC brown stone. Cookies were ridiculous (mixed two different cookies on top and bottom) and I loved all the additions. Next time I go I’ll try one of their creations but mine certainly didn’t disappoint.

  • funkydonkey is possibly a SHILL. His first post on ML is a raving review for a new dessert place?

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    Sansaidan…what is a SHILL? While this is my first post, I’m not new to this site as I’ve worked in midtown for a while now. Is there an approval process that I’m not aware of that tells newbie posters like myself which venues we’re allowed to review and which are off limits? I’m only asking because I would never want to offend such a serious business as reviewing restaurants and food vendors in Midtown Manhattan.

    Seriously dude…get a life!

    • I don’t think anyone is offended, it’s just fun to call shills out. Here are a few shill criteria in your post:

      1. new account
      2. verbose comment; if you have so much to say, why are you just starting now?
      3. positivity, not common, most first time posters write about a negative experience

  • Didn’t even last 5 months…. SMUSH has been SMUSHED

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