Lunch Links (The “Where Are The Midtown Haute Dogs?” Edition)

Beef Dogs at Asia Dog
Beef Dogs at Asia Dog. Photo by Gracie Dulik on SENY

  • Songified Five Guys review. Dayum! [HuffPo]
  • The best NYC haute dogs are not in Midtown. [SENY]
  • Food Trucks For Dummies. Maybe someone should buy the book and start a Midtown haute dog business … [Eater]
  • Are Totto and Shake Shack overrated? [Zagat]
  • Go Burger Truck is kind of meh [AHT]
  • Best food trucks in NYC? [Chow via Eater]


  • I disagree with Zagat about Joe’s Shanghai being overrated. They are still the original soup dumpling
    place in Chinatown and the best. I agree with Zagat about Vanessa’s Dumplings being overrated. It used to be good until the hipsters found out about it. The prices have gone up and there’s always a line of non-asians waiting for their orders. My go to dumpling place is neither Vanessa’s or Prosperity anymore, it’s newcomer Panda Dumpling House, smack in between Vanessa’s and Prosperity on Eldridge St.
    Panda is where you can still find good quality dumplings at a unbelievably low price of 5/$1 dollar. You can tell it’s authentic because the Chinese guy next to you is loudly “slurping” down his $4 bowl of beef noodle soup like he hasn’t eaten in weeks.

    In regards to NYC haute dogs, give me a cased Nathans hot dog with the sauteed onions over any of the others, any day.

    • Joe’s is merely middle of the road when it comes to xiao long bao. Chinatown has several better options most with “Shanghai” somewhere in their name.

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