Num Pang Brings Back the Peach Sandwich… For a Few More Weeks

Last summer, I was dying to try the Grilled Peach and Bacon Sandwich at Num Pang despite Donny’s moderate review. It sold out often and since peach season is limited, it disappeared from the menu before I ever got my hands on the little sucker.  Once I heard they were doing it again this year, I wasted no time in getting over there.

Despite the crowds, the peach sandwich was still on hand and the cashier told me it would be on the menu for at least a few more weeks (I’m betting until the end of August). I ordered the sandwich and expected to watch all the other folks who were waiting pick up their food before I heard my number. Somehow mine was ready within minutes. Not sure if the peach sandwich is quicker or some orders got screwed up or what, but I was pleased that I was in and out during the peak hours in less than 10 minutes.

A peach sandwich is definitely an odd proposition and I was worried even with the bacon that it wouldn’t hold me through the rest of the day. I was totally wrong! Like all of Num Pang’s sandwiches, there was a generous portion of the ingredients and the balance of flavors was off the charts. Every sandwich here gets cilantro, pickled carrots, and cucumbers to ensure they get that Num Pang Cambodian flair.

The grilled peaches (which were charred throughout) brought a nice level of sugariness to the buttery baguette with the thick-cut extra-meaty bacon adding smoke and salt. Even without the addition of any hot sauce, the sandwich had quite a kick – loaded with cooked jalapeños, tender sauteed scallions, and a spicy chili mayo slathered on the fruit.

This really was one of my favorite sandwiches from Num Pang, but I had just a few minor quibbles. The sandwich was a bit messy to eat and was difficult to get all the ingredients in one bite. Perhaps if the peaches were sliced instead of just halved into large orbs, it might have been an easier endeavor. I was also looking forward to the advertised Guinness Maple Glaze. It must have been used to cook the peaches and/or bacon, which helped aid in the sweetness, but I could not detect any beer flavor. And I do like beer flavor.

Nevertheless, the combination of sweet, spicy, smoky, and salty truly works wonders. This a surprising and perfectly balanced seasonal specialty. Make sure to give it a try before it disappears for an entire year once again.

Num Pang, 140 East 41st Street, (212) 867-8889


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