Less Than a Month Left to Try Num Pang’s Grilled Peach Sandwich

Num Pang Ever since Ultraclay’s post on Num Pang, I’ve kept the idea of checking it out in the back of my head. But as usual I either forgot about it or was just never in the mood for a Cambodian sandwich… that is until Serious Eats: NY tried all of the sandwiches and declared the peach one the best. Really?! A peach sandwich?! I have had the five spice pork belly sandwich before at their Union Square shop and liked it a lot. So for them to say that a peach sandwich was better, I quickly made my way to the sandwich shop to try it for myself.

Num Pang

Just by looking at the sandwich, it does look kind of delicious. And it has strips of bacon in it, which is a huge plus (some may say the saving grace!) The slices of peach had nice grilled marks, abundant shredded carrots and cilantro. Also the bread was nice and toasty. So how did it taste? It was good, but best Num Pang sandwich of all time? I don’t know. Everything was there but just not quite to where I was hoping they would be. It was refreshing to eat fruit in a sandwich but the slices of peach weren’t sweet enough for me and the strips of bacon weren’t salty enough to create that good sweet and salty punch.

Want to try the sandwich for yourself?  They wrote us yesterday to say that peach season is almost over, so they will only have the sandwich on the menu through Labor Day.  It might not replace the five spice pork as my favorite, but it’s still worth trying.  (Now if they added grilled peaches to the five spice pork belly sandwich? I think I could pretty much eat that everyday.)

Num Pang, 140 East 41st Street (between Third and Lexington Aves) 212.867.8889

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