The Official Seinfeld ‘No Soup For You’ Truck Is Coming!

Rejoice, all those who like soup in the height of August and didn’t read about Soup Spot this morning! In an inexplicable attempt to cash in on an almost 20-year old sitcom that did to 3/4ths of its cast the same thing Star Wars did to Mark Hamill, the official Seinfeld page on Facebook has convinced some obviously debt-ridden food truck operator to make a “No Soup for You” truck to appear across the country.

Yes, you too can maybe shake the hand of Larry Thomas, whose career was no doubt boosted greatly by his one-episode appearance that in turn gave rise to a tourist-trap soup chain.

The Soup Nazimobile — which only devalues the -mobile suffix and makes the Batmobile very, very angry — hits NYC on 8/1. Specific location and time frame to follow, but if I were you, I’d spare the disappointment and just go to Hale and Hearty to get it over with, or if you’re feeling generous, give Al Yeganeh your money directly at one of the Original Soup Man locations. The rest of us will keep Soup Spot in our minds and hearts.

Freeloaders, move to the extreme left after ordering and set phasers to “soup.”


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