No Mo’ Pho at (Grilled) Chicken House

Chicken House struckoff menu
Chicken House frontGrilled Chicken House, the tiny Vietnamese spot on 36th btw. 7+8th formerly known as Chicken Househas (literally) struck their pho offerings from their menu. I ducked inside and asked what was up, and they told me it wasn’t selling enough to merit continuing. With the tiny size of the place I don’t blame them for not wanting to occupy a burner or two with a stockpot full of pho broth if it went nowhere each day. Zach wasn’t too crazy about the pho a few years back so it seems that there’s no loss here other than having the alternative to Boi Noodles (on 40th and 8th). To be honest, you’re still better off going to Boi for your pho phix.

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