Itizy’s Ice Cream Truck Making a Good Go Of It

Itizy Ice Cream Truck

We all know that Midtown is filled with some questionable soft serve ice cream trucks, who don’t much appreciate competition.  But sometimes you feel like fresh regular ice cream, in good flavors, made with great quality ingredients, where you can chat with the owner who probably made the exact ice cream you’re eating a day or two before. Enter Itizy Ice Cream Truck who debuted last week to rave reviews. I stopped by to see if this is a good way to beat the heat.

Coffee Brownie Ice Cream

The standard menu is made of four ice cream flavors–Vanilla, Double Dark Chocolate, Coffee Brownie, and Mint Stracciatella–with two sorbets: Blueberry Mojito and Strawberry Balsamic. There are also specials to be had; the one when I was there was Thai Iced Tea. I’d been hearing a bit about the Coffee Brownie which quite frankly seems like a no-brainer to me since coffee and chocolate are about the two best things ever to go together. They use Nescafe coffee for the ice cream and Valrhona cocoa for the homemade brownies–both leading to rich flavors that don’t overwhelm each other. This scoop, while a bit pricey at $4.25, was a great after-lunch sweet: cool and creamy, and with a bit of caffeine and sugar to get me through the afternoon.

I spoke with one of the owners, Kenneth, about how it had been going. He said they haven’t had too much in the way of hassles with their Midtown East (53rd+Park) or Midtown West (51st btw 6th+7th) spots, so you should be expecting to see them in the same places through the summer. In fact, according to their Twitter the truck should be arriving in Midtown East right about now…


  • That’s a bit expensive especially from a street truck and if i am paying $4.25 for a single scoop, at least I want to be served in a nice paper cup, not a flimsy styrofoam cup.

  • I was there yesterday. They should be called the “Itzy Ice Cream Truck” for the itzy bitzy portions compared to the price. They charge $4.50 for a scoop of ice cream. The ice cream is good, but it’s way overpriced. Go to the Pago cart. They charge around the same thing and they give you a mountain of unique frozen yogurt.

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