Itizy Ice Cream Truck Debuts at Just the Right Time

Lately we need as many ice cream trucks as we can get! And it sounds like a good one has just launched. The¬†Itizy truck is upping the ante by actually making their ice cream and sorbets in New York City (most of the other trucks make them upstate). The flavors sound simple but delicious and range from Mint Stracciatella and Coffee Brownie ice creams to Blueberry Mojito and Strawberry Balsamic sorbets. I’m guessing based on their website that their flavors will rotate with the seasons. They also donate a free meal to a child in need with every five scoops of ice cream they sell. With this weather, that shouldn’t be too difficult. They’re tweeting their specific locations on Twitter, but the plan is to be in Midtown daily (the west side on Mon and Wed and the east side Tues, Thurs, and Fri). Early adopters, let us know how they stack up in the comments.

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    Around 4.25-4.50 (over $4 is all I remember) for a definitely no more than half-a-cup (I guess good portion control for fatties?) scoop.

    The blueberry mojito was good but not THAT good. If value could improve at all, I’d try something else.

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