Panera 5th Avenue to Open on Wednesday


It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since we last reported that New York’s first Panera would be coming to New York, and now they’re already onto their 3rd NYC store, this time located in Midtown proper (the Chelsea and UES locations opened earlier this year). The new location at 5th Avenue between 39th & 40th St is set to open this Wednesday, June 20th. So if you’re a fan of the chain’s faux upscale soups, sandwiches and salads, I guess it’s time to get excited?


  • OK, I know this is Midtown Lunch, but Manhattan is not New York City. You can say that this is the third Panera in Manhattan, but there are already a bunch of them in Queens (off the top of my head I can think of Astoria/Long Island City, Forest Hills/Glendale, and Little Neck), and I would not be surprised if there are some in all of the other boroughs as well.

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    They just opened in Downtown Brooklyn next to the new Shake Shack. Bay Terrace, Queens has been open forever. :)

  • I bet this place will do well.

  • I came to post the same thing…no love for the outer boroughs?! Everyone grab your pitchforks!

  • Why should you be excited about Panera? Everything is pretty expensive there, for a sandwich/salad place >_>

    It’s funny how you see they pour regular grocery OJ everyday into those tiny cups and charge you $4

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