Mexicue and Panera Coming to the Garment District

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Filed under ‘Inevitable, but exciting nonetheless’, there’s good news for the Midtown lunchers located around Penn Station. Flo Fab reports that one of the front runners in the gourmet food truck trend, Mexicue, will be opening a brick and mortar location this summer at 345 7th Ave (between 29th & 30th St). Furthermore, the national chain that everyone loves to hate (but secretly loves), Panera will be opening on the same block, at 330 7th Ave. Looks like after all these years, StreetMeasOnsumer3008 will finally get his wish.  [New York Times; New York Post via Eater]


  • PANERA BREAD! WHOO HOO!! Though these days, I do enjoy my Pret. Infrequent trips to Le Pain Q is fine too for baguettes and coffee.

    So when can I expect the opening of IN-N-OUT Burger?
    Asking for too much?

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    I love Panera but the only thing I get there is their french onion soup (so…I just really really like their french onion soup pretty much). Not close to work but pretty close to my apartment! Yay.

  • No offense, but the Garment District technically doesn’t go below 34th.
    Just me being nitpicky. Carry on.

  • I’m sure hungry art school students will be looking forward to this news (SVA and FIT are pretty close by). I myself might not be there next semester (tears)…

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