Le Pain Quotidien Continues Midtown Expansion


A fifth Midtown LPQ (and second this year) has just opened up on 50th street btw. 6+7th. Rock Center is already pretty saturated with sandwich/salad/soup spots like this, but Le Pain Quotidien is far better than any of the other options and I’m guessing a lot of people in the area won’t mind paying the extra $1 or $2 for their baguettes. Be afraid Au Bon Pain, be very very afraid.

A look at their sandwich board is after the jump.


I know I normally hate places like this, but LPQ is actually really good. I’m partial to their ricotta, fig, and honey tartine (and giant chocolate chip cookie.)

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    This will surely give Au Bon a run for its money. It is nice to have a place close by to pick up fresh breads and pastries for the holidays.

    While they are a bit pricier, their cafe is spacious and rustic, a nice change from Au Bon!!!!

    and who doesn’t love drinking out of those adorable “soup bowl” latte cups.

  • Le Pain Haiku

    Delicious, fresh food.
    But everything is too small.
    And too expensive.

  • Small and too expensive? That’s a deal-breaker. ;P

    Hope about putting a Panera Bread in the city/ Midtown for change. Come on!

  • small by mid western standards maybe

    My wife and I shared a curry chicken sandwich from there that was enough for 3 meals total.

  • luh pan ko tee dee EN. i almost got a job here. that ricotta tartine sounds mighty delicious but what’s the damage on that? is everything on that menu $7.50?

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