8th Avenue Chicken Bar To Become Carve Cafe?

I have to admit, when the Chicken Bar on 45th and 8th boarded up for renovations in February, I thought that was the end for the fast food joint. But, now it seems the former Ranch 1 is undergoing another re-branding. Carve Cafe signs are up in addition to, not instead of, the Chicken Bar signs (so far). The name sounds schmancy for fast food chicken, so I’ll keep my eye on the progress…

Chicken Bar, 717 8th Avenue (at 45th street)


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    Related to the Carve on 47th/8th? Sign font looks similar.

  • I noticed the similar font too. I have a feeling they’re not related and Carve Cafe is just trying to have people think they are. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re not, and if the original Carve takes action.

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