Munchie Mobile Fills A Craving

Call it stoner food, call it late night grub, call it diner fare. Whatever terminology you want to use, I think it’s safe to categorize all of it as munchies, no? And the Munchie Mobile is not just a generic name for a place to get something to eat. The new purple truck we told you about a few weeks back is offering a wide array of this particular type of food – burgers, grilled cheese, fried stuff, and even pancakes!

When I first saw the menu, I was worried they might stretch themselves too thin. Trying to offer so many different options from a truck often results in uninspired and messy food. Would these guys turn out to be the food truck version of a diner?

They were completely out of their pancakes when I came by around 1:00, which was a total disappointment. So I settled on a burger. Since my college days are well behind me, I knew I couldn’t handle both a burger and a grilled cheese sandwich so I conservatively went with a side of curly fries to accompany my burger. The burger and fries cost me close to $12. Too bad they’re not offering a combo of sorts – I’d be willing to spend that if I got a drink maybe. The truly disappointing thing was that after waiting 20 minutes, the fries were still not ready. Unfortunately, I had to run and could not wait any longer for the fries. The guys was nice enough to give me my $4 back, but I was sad I didn’t get to try their fries.

I can’t say for sure how all of their food tastes, since I was only able to get a burger, but based on the flavor and execution of this specimen, my expectations have been raised. I chose El Chupacabra since it promised some heat. It wasn’t too spicy, but the patty was generously crusted with big black peppercorns. It looked as if it would overwhelm the flavor of the meat, but it just added a nice texture and savoriness. The juicy burger was improved by the addition of guacamole, jalapeños (minus the seeds), lots of melted white cheddar, and a heap of creamy chipotle mayo. The burger was quite a mess (and they forgot to include napkins in the bag), but it sure tasted delicious.

It still remains to be seen if these guys succeed in filling all the possible cravings (the fried oreos on the menu sound pretty tempting), but they do make a mean burger and it’s worth tracking them down for that if nothing else. Has anybody tried any of their other munchies? According to their twitter feed they’ll be on 55th & B’way today but you’ll want to check the ML Twitter Tracker to be sure.

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  • i’m sorry, $8 for a burger? and all you’re getting is a burger? i dont care if its made from Kobe beef. $8? from a truck?? Get real.

    Carnegie John’s is $5 for a cheeseburger, or Steak n Shake is $6.52 after tax for the signature. Its $8 at Uncle Gussy’s, but at least that comes with fries.

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