New Munchie Mobile Comes To Midtown Today

I noticed a brand new food truck in the East Village this weekend. I didn’t have time to stop and order anything, but I grabbed a quick photo. Their menu looks pretty darn delicious (although maybe a little too all over the place). It’s comprised of burgers, fried stuff (pickles, mozzarella sticks, oreos, etc.), grilled cheese, and pancakes (!?!) Seems this weekend was their first on the streets and they spent it downtown and in Brooklyn. According to theirĀ Twitter feed, they’re parking on 57th and 8th Avenue today. This is great news, since I think we could all use a Wake and Bake burger (bacon, egg, and cheese) right about now. Early adopters leave us comments below.


  • I think we could all use a little wake n bake, period. Burger or no burger.

  • Gangsta’s Paradise, mmmmmmmmmmmm……

  • I was in the mood for a burger and headed up to this truck today. I had “The Magician.” It is a burger with bacon, an onion ring, and a slice of fancy cheese for $8.

    I really enjoyed the burger. It came on a non-traditional burger bun. It stayed light even though there was a lot of stuff in the burger.

    The best part was when they asked if I wanted lettuce, tomato, and onion. I asked that they make it the way they always do. I assumed this would include the lettuce etc., but it didn’t. The sandwich was better without the extras.

    I also got the curly fries. They came in a Chinese food container. They were good.

    This truck is similar to Feed Your Hole, but more sophisticated in their menu. Somehow I see these guys as “Next Food Truck Race” competition. Definitely worth checking out.

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