52nd Street Potbelly Opens Tomorrow

The branch of Potbelly we told you about back in April (the one on 52nd btw. Lex+3rd) opens tomorrow, June 5th.  Are people still excited about this place or has it just become a glorified Subway with a secret menu for fatsos?  Feel free to sound off in the comments.


  • Yuck! Not excited! Don’t try it! This place SUCKS!!!! It’s WORSE than subway!

    If you want great subs, take a ride to queens, sal kris and charlies, or to brooklyn, Lionis. Lionis is out of ML limits, but so worth it!

    • OK, I tried the Potbelly on 5th and 35th when it was new, and I thought the sandwich overall better than Subway (place smells better anyway) and the staff was friendly. I cut my gum on the hard bread somehow though, but I remember appreciating how I got chips and a drink for less than I expected. Also, the real thing that prompted me to respond is that I hate seeing comments like this as they don’t actually solve the issue of where you’d go within ML limits that doesn’t suck to you. But Goats, I see you admit that, but I’m hungry and I can’t get any of those Queens or BK sandwiches right now.

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    I haven’t tried any Potbelly’s in NY yet, but I’ve been to one of the ones in DC and it was so great! I loved the old-school feel and the reasonable prices. My roommate, who’s from Chicago, says Potbelly’s started there and she loves it too

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