Lunch Links (The “Midtown Does Good Sichuan” Edition)

Mapo Tofu from Land of Plenty. Photo courtesy of Robert Sietsema/FitR

  • Land of Plenty is the 2nd best Sichuan resto in NYC [Fork in the Road]
  • Pete Wells gives China Cafe two stars [NYT]
  • Anderson Cooper sends somebody to cut long halal cart lines, and videos the results [Gothamist]
  • Famous Times Sq. hot dog vendor dies at 83 [NYT]
  • The beef tacos are the best from Korilla [Tasty Eating]
  • Hyo Dang Gak still makes a good jjajangmyeon [Feisty Foodie]
  • A look at the dessert options at Mad Sq Eats [Dessert Buzz]
  • Caffe Bene serves misugaru [Chubby Chinese Girl]
  • Anthony Bourdain is a big fan of Yakitori Totto [Immaculate Infat]

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    In case anyone is interested…

    Land of Plenty has a menu board outside with dine-in lunch prices that range from $8.75-$10.75, but the top corner has a hand written note that says “For Take Out $7.75 Only”

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