Trini Paki’s Got A New Design And Some New Dishes

If you’ve walked by Trini Paki Boys on the SE corner of 43rd Street and Sixth Avenue lately, you may have noticed a few changes. They have a new yellow sign and a slightly fancier looking design on the back of the cart. Based on the Forums, Luncher Xerlic must have unfortunately looked for them on a day they stayed in, but the cart has been out pretty consistently.

When I went by last week, Fatima told me they have a few new menu items that will be available as rotating specials. She gave me a taste of the fried eggplant patty known as baigan. It was amazingly delicious – rich, spicy, and earthy. And at $1 per patty, it’s a perfect snack or complement to her famous curry chicken. She’s also doing beef stew with red beans, which I have not yet tried.

The other exciting bit of news is that Fatima is now making and selling dessert. The day I came by she had a yogurt rice pudding with candied fruits and nuts. I really loved the yogurt which had the right balance of sweetness and tang, along with the texture from the rice and the nuts. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the candied fruit, specifically the bright red cherries that had an overwhelming sweetness reminding me of artificial gummy bears. But at $2 a container, it’s a unique finish to a meal from one of our favorite mobile vendors. Much like her exotic beverages, these dishes aren’t printed on the menu and won’t be available every day, so be sure to ask to see what they’re offering.

Trini Paki Boys Cart, 43rd St and 6th Ave


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