Famous Halal Guys Isn’t the Only Cart to Serve Exotic Beverages

It was just a few days ago that Brownie noticed the bottled mango lassi at the Famous Halal Guys cart. And now, yesterday, I was getting lunch at the Trini Paki Boys cart and as I was reaching into the cooler to grab my bottle of water, I discovered some strange bottles among the Coke and Sprite cans. In addition to Mango Lassi (which Zach tried here a few years ago and lunch’er Formz recently mentioned), they also offer Sorrel juice and something called Mauby Bark – all for $3. I was most intrigued by the latter since I had never seen it before and the photo on the bottle looked like a bunch of sticks.

I did a little research on Wikipedia and it turns out that mauby is a very popular drink in the Caribbean made from a specific tree bark and the flavor is compared to root beer. Upon tasting it, I think that was a little misleading ¬†- who can trust Wikipedia anymore? While it has a slight sweetness, it’s quite bitter. It took a while, but after the first few intense sips, the drink ¬†began to grow on me. It has an anise flavor that I’m sure would turn many licorice haters off. But ultimately, it reminded me of very aromatic, watered down bitters. It was sweet and bitter practically simultaneously. I don’t think this will be a daily (or weekly) refreshment. But it’s nice to know I can get some authentic and unusual drinks to pair with my doubles.


  • I bet that Sorrel Flower is similar to Schav. My father used to drink Manaschevitz Schav at room tempurature, right out of the bottle. Disgusting!

  • Mauby Bark … not bad but I’m holding out for Jenkem

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    There are many reasons to vacation in Barbados, but one of the most important is the great mauby beverage available at the Chefette restaurants.

    There are many reasons to vacation in St Vincent and the Grenadines but one of the most important is the tasty mauby beverage bottled by the Hairoun brewery.

    I was once told that the flavor of the “champagne colas” sold in the Caribbean is sorrel flower. I guess I will find out as soon as I can get to NYC.

  • Mauby is disgusting. It’s loaded w/ sugar to make it palatable, but I am sure that negates any health claims. Sorrel is the same as Jamaica/Hibiscus. If they make it Jamaican style , (w/ ginger), it’s pretty good. It’s a nice flavor sans ginger as well.

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