Mango Lassi is the Perfect Antidote to Famous Halal Guys Hot Sauce

Rehmat Mango Lassi Drink

The Famous Halal Guys know how to bring the heat. Ask for a little hot sauce and unless you can handle serious spice, you may find your mouth in flame long after lunch time. Last week when I was getting a chicken pita (from the Famous Halal Guys daytime spot on the SE Corner of 53rd & 6th, natch) I noticed for the first time ever that among the cans of soda and bottles of water that they also sell bottled mango lassis (lassies?) I typically don’t get drinks with my pita because I don’t drink soda (and I’m cheap) so maybe they’ve carried these for sometime. The drink itself is on the sweet side, but it’s the perfect antidote if you over do it on the spice.


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