SE Corner of 53rd & 6th Finally Comes Into Its Own


Totally forgot to post this last week…  when I was back in Midtown a few weeks ago I saw something I had never seen before in all the years I worked in Midtown.  The lunchtime Famous Halal Guys Cart on the SE Corner of 53rd and 6th had a longer line than the “Imposter” Cart on the SW corner of 53rd and 6th.  Even though the imposters proved themselves to be a delicious street food option in Street Meat Palooza 3, they still can’t deny that they are trying to trick people into thinking they are the same cart as the super famous cart that parks in that spot at night (they have even added logos to their yellow sweaters!)   It makes me a tear up a bit to see that people are finally getting the message, and lining up on the SE corner in greater numbers.  Now we have to get the word out to those people that the line-less cart on the NW corner of 52nd and 6th serves the exact same food as the famous cart on 53rd, with no wait!  (Our work is never done…)

Are Lunchers Finally Getting the Message About the Halal Carts on 53rd & 6th?


  • Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone about that SW corner of 52nd and 6th cart (I love not waiting on line for same food)!

  • Maybe the imposter line was so long, people just started crossing the street? The 52nd St one is still always empty. Actually I think there were two carts on 52nd the other day.

  • Ex-Shendy’s/ Newest Famous Halal on 52nd FTW!
    Forget the ridiculous lines for lunch.

  • The 53rd & 7th cart that comes out at night is the real deal, correct? I’ve started going there for my 3am drunken halal cart runs to avoid the ridic lines at 53rd & 6th.

    • That one was usually moved to 6th before. So they have 4 carts now at night?

      So 2 on 53rd and 6th? 1 on 52nd and 6th? And now another on 53 and 7th? or is there only 1 on 53rd and 6th at night now…so they spread out? If not, further OVERKILL.

      • i’m not sure about at night- but during the day, there are 3:

        1) 53rd & 6th, SE Corner
        2) 52nd & 6th, NW Corner (former shendy’s)
        3) 53rd btw 7th & broadway

        I’m think at night, its just the one at 53rd & 6th, SW corner, which is what everyone lines up for.

      • Yea, the one on 7th during the day use to roll into the night cart (which is the famous one) on SW 53/6. The lunch cart on SE 53/6 would stay for the WHOLE day as well as the 52nd one.

        Maybe they changed the formula? Not sure.

  • Come on!

    Do folks REALLY stand in lines like that to purchase something for lunch — even from the supposedly “Famous Halal Guys Cart”?

    If so, just HOW MUCH TIME do those folks get for lunch?

    Something here just doesn’t make sense to us tourists.

    Carrion, please.

  • Imposter line still gets pretty lengthy. I’d say they’re about the same now. but i have noticed that the Famous line is now consistently getting longer. how do i know? i can see them out my window.

    there are days i walk by and am tempted to poll the line to see if they realize they’re not getting the “real” thing.

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    Got diarrhea from the SE Corner cart over the weekend…

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    Ixnay on the ifty-secondfay!

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    Have to be honest, having tried, SE, SW and SW in the evening… The ‘impostor’ SW is still my favorite.

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    I’ll pause for just a few minutes from my halal lunch that I got on 53rd and 6th today. While its well known that the night dynamic shifts. The day time crowd is speaking volumes about the SW corner. In the last three visits I have made (once a week) the SW line is far longer than the SE, SE being the famous one. I tried really hard to get the SE line again but just as they were about to ask me what I wanted I realized the food just didn’t smell as appetizing and my man’s yellow sweatshirt was brown because it was just that dirty. While I was wearing uncomfy boots and just wanted fast food I had not choice but to switch to the SW corner and wait in line. I love the SW corner aka the imposters. Let your nose be the judge. Walk by both carts and see which smells yummiest. I promise you that you too will be on the line SW line. Now back to eating my imposter halal…

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