Gyu-Kaku Times Square Now Serves Lunch

When Gyu-Kaku opened their new Times Square location a month ago, they didn’t offer lunch, which was a major bummer. Now that they’re in a groove, they’ve added lunchtime hours starting today (on weekdays lunch is served from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.), and more importantly, a lunchtime menu that starts tomorrow. While the sets don’t qualify as a Midtown Lunch, I’m happy to see on the online menu that the rice and noodle dishes will be offered at a deep discount, making them viable ML options! The chicken garlic noodles (a favorite of mine) is $6 (usually $10), which means you might be able to squeeze in an appetizer as well (they start at just $2). No word yet if these lunchtime price reductions will stick — Gyu-Kaku’s promotions tend to ebb and flow — but either way, the chicken garlic noodles have been calling my name, and you can be sure I’ll be by to check ‘em out in the coming days.

Gyu-Kaku, 321 W. 44th St. (btw. 8+9th), 646-692-9115


  • I stopped in here at 1PM to alleviate my sake craving. After enjoying Kikusui last night with my taco bell, I thought Gyu Kaku would be great to continue the trend. I enjoyed the 300ml Hakkaisan as recommended by the bartender who brought all the bottles out onto the bar to show me the differences, how nice! I chose to have the fried calamari and the shrimp-broccoli dumplings. I left satisfied and buzzed and happy knowing I have a new monday lunch spot [Monday is all day happy hour and the specialty martinis look delish! will be going thru them two at a time =D]. I have a bottle of Kurosawa at home, will have to chill for tuesday night’s sake craving! [I HIGHLY Highly recommend Kurosawa, its featured on the menu at Gyu Kaku, so if you need a 720mL for yourself like me, or a group of 4, definitely enjoy that selection!!!]

  • Breaking rank with a Happy Hour review at the bar; hope this is okay. Went there last night (Monday 4/16) as Monday’s are Happy Hour all day.

    The good: Great pour. Always appreciated. That’s about it.

    The mediocre: Nothing is seasoned. Something I couldn’t wrap my head around. Place has a mix of Korean and Japanese. I started with the Calamari, same as bullit. I had a little different experience. Mine had a great batter but was over fried and tough and most annoying, there’s a reason you shouldn’t get fish on Monday, as this squid was definitely long past it’s prime. Followed by the Spicy Chicae Ramen which was shockingly bland. Completely lifeless, unoriginal, and a broth made from dishwater and spice. I then got the fried shrimp dumplings — you know those miniscule shrimp, almost the size of brine shrimp, one gets in garbage egg rolls?–those are in the scant filling. The wrap is wonderful and the frying is wonderful but again, lifeless, unoriginal, and, well, a rip-off. I also got the garlic noodles which finally had some flavor but suspect it was MSG as I had an MSG response on my tongue. Where’s the salt???

    The bartender is over extended and swamped. She did a great job taking orders out of the corner of her eye. Never got any special one-on-one dynamics but, oh, that pour. Lots and lots to be forgiven with a healthy alcohol pour.

    Bottom line: While food is half off at Happy Hour, it’s the equivalent and as exciting as paying for peanuts and pretzels at a bar. There are also no “meat” dishes at the bar (Happy Hour applies to tables, too) as the BBQ is for the tables. Makes sense to me. But, I’ll definitely be back for a $4.50 Jack on the rocks because of that pour–but seriously doubt I’ll get anything to eat.

    • I completely understand what you mean regarding the calamari, the breading was nice and whatnot but the squid was not the best, hopefully it’s just a case of the mondays

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