April Showers Bring Cuero de la Cocina to Cer Te

April is well under way, which means we are a couple of weeks into Certe‘s latest Sandwich of the month, the “Cuero de la Cocina” ($9.75). It consists of pork belly mole, spicy cabbage & green mango shred, Anaheim chili, and black bean puree on a soft torta. I’ve been on a bit of a torta kick recently, so obviously when I saw pork belly and green mango I ran over there as fast as my little legs could carry me.

This sandwich is pretty hefty in size and generously filled. Each of the ingredients was clearly discernible. The fatty, meaty pork, a nice crunch from the cabbage and green mango, and the creamy black bean puree (which is protruding a little obscenely in the photo below) combined to make a very enjoyable sandwich. The only ingredient I wished was a little more present was the chile, the sandwich definitely could’ve used some more heat to punch it up.

To be honest, this sandwich probably won’t replace your favorite torta from El Rey de Sabor, but if you’re headed to Certe and can’t decide what to get, you probably won’t be disappointed with this. The people at Certe know how to craft a decent sandwich, but if it’s authentic Latin flavor you’re after, you may want to stick to the trucks.

Cer Te, 20 W 55th St (btw 5+6th), 212-397-2020


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    You need to untangle your phone cord periodically. Soon, either you or people you are on the phone with will start to hear static or cut out due to the wires in the connector being pulled from the twisting.

    • Ha, thanks. Duly noted.

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      I was wondering what the hell you were talking about at first. Now I get it after Anna’s comment. I had to laugh a little but it strikes me as being a bit creapy that you notice that detail in the photo. Were you looking for some piece of paper that had her phone number/address on it?

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        Nothing creepy – it’s glaringly obvious to me. I see them all over the desks here at my office and it drives me nuts. It happens because people hang up the receiver differently from the way they answer it.

  • I think they retired this sandwich, but I tried it before it went out. It’s an odd little sandwich, but it works. There seemed to be random pieces of pork fat in it. I liked the way the mango added flavor. Not Certe’s best, but not th worst either. Very creative.

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