Sarah’s Kitchen To Open This Thursday

Sarah's Kitchen
A little over a month ago we brought you news that the sign went up for Sarah’s Kitchen (it took over the old Pinnacle Bagel & Deli space on 3rd btw 45th+46th). Though I have seen workers come and go, there were no signs as to when it was going to open. Then, finally, I saw it on the door: Sarah’s Kitchen is set to open this Thursday, April 12th. My coworker and I looked through the glass and saw what looked to be just another deli. Oh well, I still hope to find something delicious there.

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    This place sucks! Boyfriend and I went there for lunch yesterday. We tried out their Bim Bim bap and the Korean Tofu Chigae.

    The Bim Bim Bap is cold,almost like a salad, and my bf got food poison from it.

    My tofu soup has a lot of ingredients, but very blend. I prefer the Chigae from Olympia or Gyukaku aroundt the area. Obviously, nothing beats real Korean restaurant in Flushing or K town.

    The soda was not cold at all, we need to ask for ice.

    Unfortunately, even though they only open for 2 days, they already lost the two of us as a customer.

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