Free Lunch Alert

BBC America’s new series, No Kitchen Required, is bringing YOU free lunch today from Noon to 2pm in Times Square (on Broadway and 42nd) and Madison Square Park (on 23rd & 5th). All you need to do is ‘Like’ No Kitchen Required on Facebook or tweet #NoKitchenRequired and then show your phone for free lunch at one of the trucks listed (Kimchi Taco Truck, Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck, Schnitzel & Things, and Wafels & Dinges are the Times Square trucks.) Freeloaders, engage!


  • Went to the times square one at 12:30P, shockingly not a shit show. Got a lunch ticket for up to $9 in all of 30 seconds and then got 3 tacos from the kimchi truck within another 5 minutes.

    I’m not going to pay $9 for the kimchi tacos (or any tacos) as long as tehuitzingo’s still around, but they were good.

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      Shocking. I opted for free ice cream instead (which was as painless as I expected), and now you have me regretting my decision. Maybe I need another free cone tonight to make up for my error.

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    Why weren’t more people flocking to this thing? I used my ticket to get a chicken schnitzel platter (schnitzel was huge!), which came with two sides and a condiment. I almost didn’t go in fear of the crowds but clearly everyone was else was thinking the same thing (or was getting free ice cream instead…)

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    i got the mini lobster roll with a bag of chips. REALLY small roll with a lobster claw.

  • I got the KimChi Taco trio. It was more like a free app than a free lunch. There’s no such thing as a free lunch I guess.

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    The burger and falafel at Madison Square might’ve been a better deal. Wafel and Dinges were giving out pulled pork over waffle though.

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    i agree. went round 130ish and the total wait time was maybe 15 mins at most. opted for the schnitzel since it’s the only one of those trucks i hadn’t tried yet, and it was delicious… and huge. the sides were delicious too. definitely got my 15 minutes’ (and, um, free’s)worth.

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