Pizza Wars Push Slice Price to 75 Cents on 6th Ave

As much as we love a deal here at Midtown Lunch, the trend of cheap pizza has been a little bizarre to watch. Last fall, 2 Bros. popped up just doors away from Indian Newsstand (and pizza joint) Bombay and a price war ensued.¬†Early this week, luncher ‘jonhack’ posted in the forums that Pizza King, Bombay’s pizza joint, was selling slices for 79 cents and that 2 Bros had responded by knocking their price down to 75 cents. As you can see from the photo above, it looks like Pizza King has matched their price. How far will this pizza brinksmanship go?!? Are we looking at 50 cent slices soon? Only time will tell.


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    I’ve never had Pizza King, but 2 Bros is a pretty good slice considering the cost IMO. It’s the perfect thing to grab quick before happy hour so I’m not tempted into getting wings, nachos, sliders, etc at the bar.

    • I’m not sure why one would want to avoid being tempted by wings, nachos and sliders…

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        If I walk into a bar at 6pm without having eaten since lunch, I’ll end up eating everything in sight once the drinks are flowing. One slice of pizza is much healthier than all that. Obviously I’m posting this in the wrong place.

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    What street is between on 6th ave?

  • What can you buy with the 25cents savings? Not even gum…

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    Wow, this seemed almost too good to be true. Surely the slices would be small; perhaps the soda would be supermarket brand. Nope. 2Bros special – 2 slices, plus can of soda, $2.25 (includes tax!). Verdict – thumbs up. Reasonable amount of cheese, decent crust. Sauce is not that flavorful – needed a few shakes of oregano and pepper flakes, but for that price, who’s complaining. One negative (but for some, a positive) – not very greasy – actually needed a bit of oil sheen to amp up the flavor a bit. Next time I’ll try Joey Pepperoni across the street – $2.75 for 2 slices and a soda. Let’s see what an extra $0.50 will do on the quality front!

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    I just went to the 2 Brothers Pizza on 6thAve.between 37th & 38thSts. The pizza is okay, iris definitely a bargain, but the part I had problem with was, surprisingly, the music. I know making pizza for hours must be monotonous, so I get the eed to distract themselves by playing music, but for one thing it is cranked up very loudly. For another, the choice of music was bilingual hip-Hop, which was laced with the crudest obscenities I’ve ever heard. It was extremely inappropriate, particularly as this is a family establishment. Theresa’s in fact a family of four eating there the same time I was, and that language is just not acceptable in a public restaurant to be heard by 8 & 10 year-olds. When I brought it up o the workers there, they. Said there was nothing wrong with it and that it was”American music.”the point is it was obscene and should not be played in the store.

  • I went and had slices from both places last week. I preferred the slice from Pizza King since it most resembled the pizza I had growing up in Brooklyn.
    The cheese and sauce was one amalgamation of orange goo, unlike the slice at 2Bros where the cheese was barely melted on top of the sauce and stood out as small white globs. I think the 2 Bros slice was undercooked. Like Stuzagnit posted, maybe the pizza makers at 2Bros should tone down the raunchy, thumping music and concentrate on making sure the pies are cooked properly. I understand and speak Spanish fluently and the music at 2Bros is more apopro for a cheap whorehouse in Tijuana or Nogales rather than for a $1 pizza shop in Manhattan.

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