Today is Chile Relleno Day at El Rey De Sabor

Last week El Rey de Sabor let us know that they were thinking about starting rotating specials every few days. First up: Chile Relleno. I hustled over to check it out, and if the chile relleno is anything to go by, these rotating specials are going to be a smash success. What I found after the jump:

For $8, I got a giant chile wrapped in a corn tortilla, stuffed with queso fresco, covered in a generous helping of red mole sauce and hot sauce, and served with a huge portion of rice and beans. As we’ve come to expect from the King of Flavor, the dish was hearty, comforting and authentic. My only complaint was that the cheese inside the chile wasn’t very melty, so it didn’t have that cheese-splosion when I cut into it. It’s a minor gripe though when we’re talking about something this yummy.

El Rey said that they’d be introducing new specials in the weeks to come, possibly a chicken with red mole sauce, or maybe some slow cooked shredded pork with salsa verde. And on Friday they had a torta de camarones.  But today we heard that they’ll be serving up the chile relleno again.

El Rey del Sabor (3 Locations)

  • 49th and Park
  • 43rd btw. 5+6th
  • 60th and 3rd


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    There are some cheeses in that do not melt in Latin food.

  • I’m guessing from the picture this was cooked in the typical method where the chile is dipped in an egg batter and fried, with tortillas on the side, not “wrapped in a tortilla,” unless that was done by the reviwer post-mortum.

    It might not be coincidence this is showing up on the menu during Lent (same with the Friday torta de camarones), but then it’s not like I’ve ever seen this place support much of a latino clientele. I’d probably opt for the filet o’ fish too.

    • It was hard to tell for sure because of all the sauces, but it definitely wasn’t the typical chile relleno spongy batter consistency. It seemed more like a tortilla wrap job to me (there were also toothpicks holding the whole thing together). If others have tried, feel free to weigh in!

  • I had the special today and NO, it was absolutely not “wrapped in a tortilla”. There was no tortilla anywhere in sight in my platter. The chile was batter-dipped and fried. The problem I experienced was that it’s not fried to order (I know, that’s a tough thing to do in a cart). They are fried ahead of time and held in sauce, which pretty much destroys the golden fried batter. No crust, just mush. That being said, the flavors were OUTSTANDING as usual, the platter was assembled beautifully, and it was a ton of food for 8 bucks. I just wish the relleno had the fried shell that I was expecting.

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