Lunch Links (The “Best Grilled Cheese in Midtown” Edition)

Fried Chicken Grilled Cheese
This Melt Shop creation is the only Midtown grilled cheese to make Eater’s Best-of list

  • Melt Shop’s fried chicken grilled cheese is one of NYC’s best grilled cheese sandwiches [Eater]
  • Seriously, who *does* eat at Carnegie Deli? [Eater]
  • The new lamb sandwich at Cer Te is a winner [SENY]
  • Grand Forks food reviewer visits the Times Square Shake Shack! [Gothamist]
  • How the Blarney Stone got its start [Ephemeral NY]
  • Macaron Day 2012 is on Tuesday [Dessert Buzz]
  • The Grand Sichuan in Hell’s Kitchen has a $7 lunch special [Ramen & Friends]
  • A list of NYC’s best food on a stick includes Yakitori Totto [Restaurant Girl]
  • Ever wonder who eats the crab salad at a bodega? Zach’s friends, apparently. [Eater]

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    the thing about a grilled cheese is that the cheese should be the most important part… adding fried chicken to it makes it a fried chicken sandwich to me

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