Kimchi Taco Truck Makes a Mean “Asian-Style” Falafal

Kimchi Taco Truck line

The big falafel news this week was, of course, the news that Freddy the Falafel King of Astoria is now set up in Midtown on 53rd & Park.  But did you know that the Kimchi Taco Truck also does falafel?  Their tofu/edamame falafel has been a popular menu option for awhile, and recently I learned that they have tweaked the recipe to give it a little more punch and to make it crispier and a little closer to the Israeli/Mediterranean falafel that’s many of us are used to. I’m always up for falafel so I had to check it out.

kimchi taco falafel bowl

Another menu change is that you can get the falafel as a rice bowl instead of just as a taco. For the rice bowl, you have the option of white rice or their house mixed multi-grain rice, which is similar to the purple rice you can get at Korean restaurants, but has their own blend of grains and beans. I opted for the bowl ($8). You get both red kimchi and summer kimchi (daikon and cucumber kimchi) as well as pico de gallo. The falafel is, in fact, much crispier on the outside than before. It’s a little bit milder than traditional falafel, but not quite as mild as the older recipe. The tofu, edamame and chickpea triple-threat falafel comes on top of kimchi-infused refried beans with a miso crema. And if you ask for it spicy…buckle your seat belts. I’d rank their hot sauce at least an 8. It provided legitimate heat, so spice-adverse, be aware.

The Kimchi Taco Truck should be on 47th St. & Park Avenue from 11:30am – 2:30pm. But as always, be sure to check the ML Twitter Tracker for any changes before you go.

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  • I can’t believe no one else has commented on this. I tried this a few days ago and I thought it was great. I was worried about the texture of the falafel. I thought it could be a mushy mess, but it wasn’t bad. The falafel was fried well and it held it together. The taste isn’t like a chickpea falafel, but again not bad. They put some sauces on it which add flavor. It comes with kimchi which I enjoyed and I got it with white rice. Overall a good vegetarian option that is worth trying.

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