Breaking News: Freddy the Falafel King of Astoria is Coming to Midtown


We don’t normally post anything on the weekends, but this news is so big we just couldn’t wait on it… Remember when we told you a few weeks back that Vendy Award Winner Freddy (aka the King of Falafel) would be bringing the food that Astoria residents rave about to Manhattan with the launch of his second cart. He was just hush hush on the exact date and location. Well, the time has finally come and it turns out all our campaigning paid off! Instead of testing the waters in the FiDi or Soho, the “King of Falafel & Shawarma Express” is coming straight to us in Midtown. He plans to set up the cart starting tomorrow (Monday) on 53rd and Park. He’ll only be serving falafel to start off with, but based on the menu he posted to his new Facebook page, the cart will be offering his delicious shawarma soon enough.  Let’s get out there with a warm welcome and show him he made the right decision by choosing Midtown lunchers as his royal subjects.

Of course first days in Midtown can always be a crapshoot, so you’ll probably want to check his twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.

UPDATE: Scratch that part about only falafel… it looks Freddy brought the shawarma today! Check out the menu after the jump.


  • And another cart/truck skips the 30s entirely… come on, guys, give us a chance to throw our money at you!

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    These are great prices. So affordable. I suspect a mob scene today…

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    I’ve wanted to try this guy’s falafel forever! Can someone please post the menu here, since FB is blocked at work for many of us? What can one expect with this falafel? Is it noticeably better than the other food trucks out there? Does he have fried eggplant for a topping? I eat so much falafel that I am a falafel, so it is so hard to be blown away. I’m hoping that I love this.

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    The menu on Facebook is a graphic so it’s just keyed in here, but you get the idea:

    Falafel Sandwich (pocket pita) $4
    Chicken Shawarma (pocket pita) $5
    Beef-Lamb Shawarma (pocket pita) $5
    Falafel and Shawarma mixed (your choice of Shawarma, pocket pita) $5

    Falafel Platter* over Salad** $6
    Chicken Shawarma* over Salad** $7
    Beef-Lamb Shawarma* over Salad** $7
    Falafel and Shawarma mixed* over Salad** (your choice of Shawarma) $8

    Side Orders:
    Falafel 4 for $2
    Pita 2 for $1
    Tahini Sauce $0.50

    *Plates include: Salad, pita, tahini sauce, white sauce & hot sauce (your choice of sauces)

    **Salads include: Lettuce, tomato, onions, pickled turnips & green pickles

    Sauces: Tahini, hot sauce, specialty while sauce

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      Thank you, Heidi! And thanks, Brian! These prices are absurd. This is cheaper than Moishe’s, even when Moishe’s was cheap! Heading out in a few minutes to give it a whirl.

  • which corner are they on? Long line?

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    From what I can tell, the star of the cart in Astoria are the chicken plates. Why doesn’t Freddy have them in Manhattan as well?

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