Our Campaign to Lure the King of Falafel to Midtown Begins Today

2010 Vendy Award Winner Freddy the King of Falafel has reigned over Astoria for years now, but he recently announced on Twitter that he would be constructing a second cart to bring to Manhattan. He posted an updated photo of the cart on Facebook last night, but is reluctant to reveal exactly where he plans on parking this new cart – not even to fellow Vendy Award winner Thomas DeGeest from Wafels & Dinges. If the King of Falafel won’t even tell the King of Waffles, we’re not particularly hopeful he’s going to tell us… so rather than sit back and wait for him to make the big announcement about where he’s going to end up we’ve decided to harass the shit out of bring the decision to him! If you want Freddie in Midtown as much as we do, head over to Facebook, and tell him so.

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