Shilla Has New Lunch Specials

Shilla 7.95 lunch special

Last week I found myself in K-Town after work where I noticed some interested signage outside Shilla. Looks like they are running several specials right now. One for regular lunchers, one for students, and a morning special for people who can read Korean. More signage pics after the jump.

When compared to the $6 Shilla lunch specials of years past, it’s hard to get super excited about $7.95 on price alone. But, you have to remember that the $6 specials were three years ago and the prices of a lot of things have gone up. It looks like with the $7.95 specials that there’s more variety–multiple things to choose from each day instead of just one dish and $7.95 is still cheaper than their typical lunch prices. The menu is all over rice-specials (somewhere a downtown lunch reader is laughing at us with $7.95 over-rice specials) but if you’re a fan of Fried Chicken, Fried Beef, Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Teriyaki, Pork Teriyaki or Seafood with Fried Rice, this might be worth checking out.

Shilla student discount

If you happen to be a student, Shilla has some specials for you (if you show your student ID and dine in) for $6.95.

Shilla Morning Special

Lastly, if you can read Korean (or if you read Midtown Lunch) there are some pre-11am specials. Chris H. was kind enough to translate the sign for me as follows (the text in parenthesis are from Chris):
“Breakfast Special $6.95: sullung tang (the white beef bone soup), haejang guk (hangover soup), dda roh guk bap (soup of the day served w rice), dwenjang jjigae (bean paste soup), soondubu. Nurungji (which is the burnt rice where you add water) is next to the $4.95 price.

The hangover soup might be worth checking out for the Happy Hour crowd… It was nighttime when I walked by so no chance at trying the specials, but I hope to check them out soon. Early adopters, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Shilla Korean Barbecue House, 37 West 32nd Street. (btw. B’way+5th)


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