Eat At Maoz For The Belgian Fries

At first glance, the allure of Maoz Vegetarian is the top notch salad bar with which you can construct a pretty substantial falafel sandwich. Although I wouldn’t count their falafel as best in Midtown (in my opinion, that accolade belongs to Taim, even though it came in second in the 2011 reader’s poll), the endless toppings are a big (and messy!) draw. But, the reason I go to Maoz? The Belgian fries.

In his initial review of the 40th street location, Zach was ho-hum about the fries, speculating that they were probably frozen. That could be true, but that doesn’t mean they’re not great! I was happy to wait a couple extra minutes, since the fries are made to order. Served in a cone, they arrived piping hot. I tried one fry before taking my Junior Meal Deal to go. Crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside, the fries had just the right amount of salt on them. And, when I got back to my desk, the fries were still piping hot and delicious. (That never happens!) My only complaint is that I enjoy ketchup with my fries, and I realized I wasn’t given any. Solution: dip fries in the cilantro sauce (not the tahini sauce — I tried it, and it’s way too bitter) meant for my pita!

Maoz Vegetarian, 683 8th Avenue (Btn 43rd+44th St)


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    Personally, I prefer the sweet potato fries w/the garlic sauce for dipping. It’s so good! The fries are one of the main reason I do go to Maoz. Sometimes I’ll just by the $3-4 plastic thing and just fill it up with stuff from the salad bar, because I don’t always feel like eating the falafels.

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      Wait a second…I can JUST get the plastic box WITHOUT falafels? This is fantastic. I really don’t need to eat falafels and most of the time I only eat one or two of the balls. Must try next time

  • I def like the frites at MAOZ.
    They are 10X better than the fries at SS.

    Anyone convince them to give you half sweet potato and half Belgian frites? I could swear they will if requested…

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    I find dipping their regulars fries into the garlic sauce is awesome. I haven’t had their sweet potato fries – and dipping them into the garlic sauce sounds intriguing.

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