Contributor Stalking (The “best fried chicken in town?” edition)

Pok Pok Wings
The wings at Pok Pok Wing. Photo by Blondie.

Blondie says Pok Pok Wing may have the best (if very pricey) fried chicken in New York right now, Brownie made a five-layered sweetheart cake for her boys at home, Brian explores Paulie Gee’s legacy by trying all the pizzas at Barboncino, Donny rode the 7 train at rush hour to check out Thai food at SriPraPhai in Queens, Rachel thinks that Maoz’ belgian fries are a better than their falafel and I photographed the final edition of Something I Ate in New York.

Elsewhere in the ML universe… Andrea went to Chinatown for lunch at Banh Mi Saigon, Jamie had dim sum for lunch at Ocean City in Philly and Zach has gone native and endorsed the veggie burger at Shaka Shack in Los Angeles.

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