Wahoo’s Fish Tacos Will Open on Monday (And Here’s A Look at the Menu)

As we reported back in September, west coast chain Wahoo’s Fish Taco is coming to Park Ave btw. 24+25th… not exactly Midtown Lunch range.  But it is a bonafied Flatiron Lunch, and we’re sure there are number of lunchers in Midtown proper who will make the trek for some tasty fish tacos.  So with that in mind, we are pleased to report that Wahoo’s is officially opening at on Monday, Feb 20th! Check out the menu after the jump…

As you can see, the menu looks very promising for the ML budget conscious; in fact, only 1 item is over the limit! Feel free to drool over the menu (click to view larger) and plan your attack for Monday. Having eaten at Wahoo’s several times when I used to live in Denver, CO, I am personally looking forward enjoying a two taco platter with the traditional grilled fish (cabbage salad and all), rice and black beans. We will be posting reviews on the food as soon as we can get our hands on some.

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, 333 Park Ave. 212-466-3330


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    Growing up with this place, it’s pretty gringofied (maybe poquito better than Chipotle), but the Chicken Tortilla Soup is really, I highly recommend it.

  • Wild-caught “fish” … could be sea robin from the Gowanus Canal

    Kinda like advertising 1994 “wine” … you’re probably getting Boones Farm

    Cheap + vague usually = sucks

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    Praise the lord! I saw this announcement back in August ’11 and haven’t heard anything since. I thought it all fell through. I love fish tacos, and even if this place sucks, I will love it! Bring on the facos!

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    I use to eat here all the time when I lived in Southern california, I’m so happy to see they are now located in NYC

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