Phil’s Steaks is Back in Midtown Today

Remember Phil’s Steaks, the cheesesteak truck we read about on Thillist a few weeks ago?  They’ve finally come to Midtown this week. Yesterday they were on 55th & B’way and today they’re testing out 44th & 5th. Early adopters, let us know how it is.  Curious where the other food trucks are parked today?  You can see them all on the ML Twitter Tracker.


  • somebody reviewed it yesterday in the original post…outlook not promising, but can anyone confirm the lack of meat? maybe it was an anomaly?

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    I would agree that the outlook is not promising. For a truck that shut down for two weeks to improve quality and operation, I shutter to think what they were prior. The line took about 30 min and the sandwich itself was less than spectacular. The meat was tough, soggy and flavorless. I stayed classic and got it whiz wit,(Cheese Whiz with Onions). This combination made the entire thing one undersized bland mess. I am still working on getting the gristle out of my teeth. My palette is now crying after eating what turned out to be the biggest bland disappointment I’ve gotten out of a NYC Food Truck. They make Korilla’s portion size look like an extra value meal. I got the 10in sandwich, chips and a soda for $10.50. Generic Deli Cheese steak has to be better!

    • $10.50? For that price and size, you can go to the undoubtedly superior Carl’s — in Yankee Stadium.

  • crap…i figured they would never live up to carl’s, but still had hope that it would be a psuedo-substitute since i’m in the 50′s…i should’ve known better…oh well

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    I recently moved here from Philly and was really looking forward to Phil’s Steaks for a genuine cheesesteak. I got one earlier this week and too thought it was too soggy, tasteless and wrapped too tight. When I unwrapped it to eat, it looked like a cheesesteak eggroll. I know that most grill guys throw a little water on the grill when making steaks, but I think they used too much. That, and it needs a little salt & pepper. Hopefully it’s something that can be worked out with more experience. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but I assume they have to factor in buying the frozen Amoroso Rolls and having a commercial oven to bake them at their headquarters. i will try them again in a couple months to see if there is any improvement.

  • In my opinion it’s the best cheesesteak in the city. I went on a Saturday around 11:30 AM so i didn’t have to deal with a line or anything, but these cheesesteaks kill carls, and are a little better than shortys, but they are smaller. they’re basically the same size as the ones you get in philly.

  • phil’s is easily the best cheesesteak i’ve had in nyc – way better than carl’s and shorty’s. rivals jim’s in philly. meat was tender and flavorful and the roll was on point. hope these guys come back to midtown soon.

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    I popped by Phil’s today and I must say they are hands down the best cheesesteak in NYC. 99 Miles has always been my spot, but I like Phil’s better. Perfect bread, tasty meat, a good provolone, perfectly cooked mushrooms, and whatever hot peppers they’re using really put it over the top. Great sandwich.

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    I’m originally from Philly so I’m always skeptical when i see a new cheesesteak spot, but i gotta say these really are the real thing. Best I’ve had by far in NY, and honestly on par with the best spots in Philly (for me that includes Jim’s Ishkabibbles, Delsandros, Pat’s and Genos.)

    Not sure why a few people were hating on it here, maybe they just had a bad first day or something, but line went quick and my steak was great went i went.

    I’m def going back, people who worked there were real cool too. Gave me a free food truck calender and were very friendly.

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