Phil’s Steaks Truck Coming to Midtown

According to Thrillist a new Philly cheese steak truck, Phil’s Steaks, just hit the streets and will be rotating between the financial district, flatiron, and midtown for lunch. According to their Twitter account, they are “New York’s 1st authentic philly cheesesteak truck,” and they’ll be parking in the Flatiron today. If anyone has tried them yet, let us know how it was in the comments!


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    it was pretty good, they had cheese wiz which was all i was really looking for. they got my snapple wrong (peach instead of lemon tea) but that is just me being picky. it tastes like a philly cheese steak i had in philly, not pat’s or geno’s but still pretty good. the bread was a little narrow but still soft and good and filled with meat.

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    i had a provolone (sharp) wit’ onions and it was quite good; the cheese was definitely not an afterthought like it is in so many other versions in the city, and the bread was amoroso rolls like you find in philly. i’d agree with the previous poster, but i would also add that it’s definitely better than the abner’s i had all through college if that helps.

    a welcome addition to the truck scene.

  • Just got lunch from these guys. They want $9 for a full sized sandwich ($6 for a half). Any additional topping besides cheese or onions is $.75 EACH, including peppers and onions. It was tasty, but their sign says half lb. of steak on a full size and I don’t feel like I got nearly that amount on my sandwich. Not worth it by a long shot if you ask me.

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