Crave Sandwiches Is Now Open On 43rd

Last summer we spotted construction on 43rd street for Crave Sandwiches, and now the sandwich (and salad) spot is open for business. The menu is divided into classic and traditional sandwiches — which seems kind of redundant, if you ask me — but all of these substantially-sized sandwiches are under $10.

The interior is extremely clean and inviting, with most of the ingredients out in the open for customers to ogle over. I found it difficult to choose which of the many sandwiches to try first, but I finally settled on the crispy chicken ($7.50).

The breaded chicken breast is shaved thinly with fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, onions and balsamic. Served on french bread, this and most sandwiches on the menu can be upgraded to a hero for an extra dollar. I made the mistake of having mine toasted, assuming the bread would warm the other ingredients and slightly melt the mozzarella. In reality, on my walk back to work, the bread only hardened. So, I suggest not toasting the french bread if you’re returning to the office to eat. Besides that one misstep, the sandwich was very tasty.

The pastrami sandwich ($7) comes on rye with New York pastrami, Swiss and brown mustard. I upgraded to the hero, which made it $8. Unlike most delis in the area, the meat was like ribbons, extremely thinly sliced. Still, I’d call the sandwich average.

Although I didn’t have the most fantastic experience thus far, the reviews elsewhere have been pretty good. Midtown Lunch’er Spaghetti Betty wrote this in the comments of a previous posts:

It’s open! And delicious. You can tell they paid a lot of attention to detail using fresh meats and beautiful breads. I literally almost had an eney-meney-mino-mo moment before placing my order, everything looked so good! I paid $9 for a sandwich I’ll eat for 2 days!

The reviews on Yelp so far have also been positive. Any other early adopters have something to say? Maybe certain ‘wiches are better than others.

Crave Sandwiches, 1120 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd St.


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    This is right on my block and I also realized Crave opened a little two weeks ago. Lots of traffic and definitely will compete with the street carts in the vicinity. Clean space and friendly customer service and a side bar and high chairs for sitting. Will give Subway a run for their money.

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    This is just a branch of the Crave that’s been over on 48th street for eons, right?

  • Walked in here and the line was about 15 people deep. I wish they had a menu on their website so I would know if it was worth sticking around. I’ll stop by again when they’re less crazy. They did seem to have a number of people working so hopefully the line moved quickly.

  • The line was at the door and it was 24 mins before I had my sandwich in hand, not worth it in my opinion.

  • A little pricey, they need a salad sign in the back with an arrow, or just make the salads in the front? They need a list of the sandwiches on print, near the entrance. Was 20 minutes for my sandwich as well. I’ll go with my gift certs, but not worth the wait time on my own dime.

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    How close to the $10 mark can a sandwich get and still be condsidered a good ML deal?

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