Today is Free Mini Pie Day at Pie Face

Just a friendly reminder… today is Australia Day, so the newly open Pie Face (on 53rd and B’way) will be giving out a free mini pie or a free cup of coffee to every single customer from now until Midnight tonight.  Freeloaders, engage!


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    Keep in mind, they’re giving away the “mini” pies, not the full-blown meals sized ones. They have every variety but egg/bacon/cheese in mini.

    Since it’s Australia Day, I had the traditional chunky steak pie – even for breakfast at 8:30a it was pretty tasty. PF will certainly go into the rota once the weather gets a little warmer.

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    What do you think the crowd is going to be like 11ish? What other flavors are recommended? Thanks.

  • I stopped by at 8:25 AM and there was no line. They are giving away the mini pies not the regular sized ones. They were somewhat limited on what was available but they were baking them and I got a chunky steak mini pie right out of the oven. It was very tasty with good sized chunks of beef and a nice gravy. Size wise I say it was 3 or so bites big. While it was good I personally don’t think it would be worth the $2.95 that they charge.

  • There is apparently a trip to Australia also up for grabs…

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    I passed by around 9:30. The line was short but it wasn’t moving, and I was already late to work. There were tons of Pie Face people in red hooded jackets to answer your questions/give you a menu. I wish they had the mini pies in to-go bags and were handing them out instead.

  • As I was walking up to the store around 8:25 AM, about 6 employees were heading down to Times Square. It is going to be crazy busy there today.

    I had the chicken & mushroom stack yesterday and a mini Mexican this morning. Both were very tasty and I definitely have to get a regular Mexican pie next time.

    For the trip, you will have to fill out a card with your name and email address.

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    Is the mini pie worthy of a 20 minutes wait then?

  • Can somebody check which direction the toilet flushes?

  • Line is pretty long. Skipped it. :(

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    At first I was on the wrong line and then when I got to the right one I managed to snag the last one. They weren’t going to have anymore until 2pm.

    • I waited in line for about 10min then they just brought out about four boxes of mini’s and gave them out like “come and get ‘em, last free mini-pies for the next hour”….i managed to snag a mexican while on the freeloading sample line side, then ran around to the other line [for people planning to make a purchase] and got the second to last mini meat pie, both were absolutely delicious.

      The crust was what impressed me the most, all too many times its a dry flakey blah, but this crust was robust and impressive. Also managed to grab a square card good for a free mini on the next visit! Too bad two mini’s didnt manage to last me more than two or three bites each…so $6.50[5.95+Tx] for a full-blown pie…..or $6.75 for a cuban from Margon….[just finished my cuban in my cubicle]…back to work…au revoir!

  • They ran out and won’t be giving any more free pies…boo!

  • Yep, completely out.

  • Piss off future customers with false promises = LAME

  • i would much prefer they say that “we are giving away x amount of mini pies away for free!” rather than “we’re giving away free mini pies for 24 hours.” because as we can see, they aren’t exactly giving them for free for a full 24 hours.

    ran out of mash when i went yesterday. and now they run our of free pies. one more strike left…

  • That stinks on no free pies past the end of the work day but not too surprised.
    They should know better that freeloaders, ML or not, will engage!

  • I stopped by to try another sweet pie bite around 8pm. They were giving away the free mini pies again at that point (though I didn’t get one due to a series of service screw ups on their part – Luckily I had just had restaurant week steak so I didnt need or want it)

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