Land of Plenty Replaces Mia Dona With Sichuan

Earlier this week, Lunch’er “joer” tipped us off that Mia Dona has been transformed into a Sichuan restaurant called Land of Plenty (on 58th btw 2+3rd).  I haven’t had a chance to try the food yet, but according to Robert Sietsema’s review in the Village Voice, it’s very authentic (read: SPICY) if a little pricey… although Joe R. says that the lunch items are all around $9.  Has anybody been yet?  Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.

Land of Plenty, 204 E. 58th St. (btw 2+3rd), (212) 308-8788


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    Here’s the lunch menu, if I am allowed to link Seamless:

    There are a lot of options, nothing really adventurous.

    However, they offer some interesting items on the regular menu, which might be standard Sichuan, but not typical Chinese takeout.

    …from the appetizers:

    OX Tongue & Tripe w/Roasted Chili – Peanut Dressing

    Thin Sliced Conch w/Roasted Chili Dressing

    Poached Rabbit w/Chili – Black Bean Dressing

    Duck Tongues w/Sichuan Pepper Corn Scallion Dressing

    Julienne Jelly Fish w/choice of dressing

    …or on the main menu items:

    Braised Tripe’s w/Duck’s Blood Jello, Fish Filet, Shrimps, and Mixed Veggie In Spiced Chili Broth

    Braised Frogs w/Chili, Chili, and Chili

    Stir Fried Frogs w/Pickled Chili and Baby Eggplants

    This sounds like a job for UltraClay.

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    Been for dinner a couple times. The smoked duck fried rice is awesome (it was on their original plastic menu when they just opened. They now have real menus and the fried rice doesn’t seem to be on there but we asked for it and they made it). The fish was very good as well (I forget which fish it was as someone else ordered it). The string beans and a miso pork dish were also very solid.

    I have not had anything too adventurous there but so far what I’ve tried has been very good. Most hasn’t been overly spicy although I guess they have stuff that is.

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    Went for lunch last week, it was good, but very slow (90 minutes for 8 people).

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