Pie Face Launching Soon On Broadway

Australian meat pie company, Pie Face, is making its foray into the US market via a storefront on 53rd and Broadway, just a few feet from Steak ‘n Shake. Although their neighbor has been getting all the shine lately, the pies should be available in the coming weeks. In fact, they’re inviting fans to their January 31st launch party via the Pie Face Facebook page:

Pie Face is but days away from opening it’s first New York store and we want YOU there…. The first 30 people to rsvp will win tickets to the Penthouse launch of Pie Face NYC. Simply email your name and contact details to marketing@pieface.com.au. Please note: You must live in New York to enter.

This post went up yesterday, but most of the comments on it so far are from out-of-towners, so maybe some of those 30 spots are still available? Fingers crossed!

Side note: I wonder if David Letterman is as into meat pies as he is Steak ‘n Shake … will they also make an appearance on his show?

Pie Face, 53rd & Broadway


  • Ive been trying to sneak glances inside as they do construction but havent really gotten a look at anything good yet. Im curious if it will have an actual bakery on site somehow (that space is insanely small) or if they will be just heating them up like the Tuck Shop ministores. Still…more good news for my block! (Especially since its supposedly going to be open 24 hours)

    • I’ve been wondering the same exact thing. The space seems too small for the pies to be bakes fresh on premises. But it would be nice if they surprised us with a spot for fresh baked goods. Not that I’m complaining. I’ll certainly take what I can get!

  • “I’m so sorry. The tickets have all been allocated.
    We hope you visit the store however. In particularly on January 26th (Australia Day) as we host our official ribbon cutting ceremony and provide free pies to the masses.”

    uhoh! Massive line alert!
    Unless they are giving out pie face for a year, I am not waiting on line for 2 hours for a free Ozzie pie.

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    Pie Face definitely bakes the pies on premises, and they stay warm in the case for quick and easy ordering. And yes, the PR person (me!) was blasted by emails after the post. You can get free pie OR coffee on Australia Day, Januar 26 from midnight to midnight. I’m betting the line won’t be crazy the entire 24 hours. See you there.

    • Good luck with the freeloading hordes! I’ll be amongst them but as I’m a neighbor I’ll try to avoid any major crowds.

    • That is some bad PR dude. Don’t promise free pies all day and stop giving them out at 2pm.

      PR rule #1…don’t piss off your future customers.

  • The plywood came down this weekend. Looks very nice/sleek. Very small and nowhere to sit–which I actually view as a good thing in terms of the speed they are anticipating.

    $5.95 for a savory pie (or $7.95 with “smash & gravy”)…looked like 6 or 7 flavors including a breakfasty one.
    $2.95 for mini pies
    $3.95 for sausage rolls
    $3.25 for mini sweet pies (again about 6 or 7 flavors).

    Between this, tacos-y-quesadillas mexico, and steak n shake, I’ll be all set for late night and/or drunken snacking.

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    Has anyone made the trip to check this place out today?

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