Lunch Links (The “We Are the Ramen Kings of NYC!” Edition)

Suck on That East Village! Ramen Totto photo courtesy of Fork in the Road

  • Robert Sietsema says Midtown has the #1 and #3 bowls of ramen in the city [FitR]
  • Cafe China’s mapo tofu isn’t as good as Szechuan Gourmet’s [Food in Mouth]
  • Uncle Gussy’s pastitsio is a winner [Tasty Eating]
  • Here’s what the royal treatment at Steak N Shake looks like… [AHT]
  • … and David Letterman loves it too! [Eater]
  • We told you you should have come to Midtown, Japadog [Grub Street]
  • It’s a good thing Tri Tip Grill fans listen to ML and not PR people! [Eater]


  • Totto ramen is terrible. Not worth the wait. You’re a sucker if you wait more than 10 minutes for a bowl of ramen.

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      I hate long lines, too, but if you really think Totto is “terrible” (ignoring the long wait), you may be entitled to your opinion, but who gives a shit since no one agrees with you? And where, pray tell, does the discriminating Midtown_Eater enjoy ramen?

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    Been to Japan. Haven’t yet been to Minca. Sadly, neither is particularly convenient for lunch.

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