At Lunch Now: Steak ‘N Shake Is Open and (Shocker) Packed

Steak ‘n Shake is finally open, and the line is out the door, although not quite as out the door as Shake Shack on their first day in Midtown Does that mean Steak N Shake wins or loses their first head to head competition with the Shack?  An employee outside claimed the wait is about 10 minutes to the front of the line, plus 10 minutes to get your food-  so it looks like an infographic to determine your wait time will be unnecessary for this super-hyped new Midtown burger destination.  Did you brave the madness?  Let us know what you think in the comments.

Steak ‘n Shake, 1695 Broadway btw 53+54, 212-247-6584


  • Did anyone score the free lunch for a year?

  • yeah buddy! Got mine! Thanks midtownlunch again for the heads up to the major SCORE! HEART you guys! WOOT!

    $520 worth of free food for the year. There are a year’s worth of weekly coupons for up to $10 worth of burgers, fries, and shakes. Worth waiting on line for 2 hours, and I don’t normally wait on line for anything. I had time this morning, so why not?

    One lady at the front waited SIXTEEN HOURS in torrential rainfall and blustering wind. That bird likes her burgers!

    I didn’t stick around to try the fare though. It was another hour wait…so I grabbed my coupon booklet and left…I will have years worth of burgers coming up, so one less is really no loss.

    Thanks again!!!!!!

  • Not to get all nit-picky…but how does it count to be one of the first 150 customers if you didnt stay to actually be a customer? Just sayin’

    Since its in my ‘hood I went by for dinner. Waited outside for about 5 minutes around 8pm but I hit them right when the “perfect storm” of kitchen craziness hit so ended up waiting about 40 minutes inside to actually order. I got a free strawberry shake for waiting. The staff was all very friendly.

    Got an Original Double Cheese ‘n fries and (since I had waited and felt like i had to justify the wait) a Chili Cheese Steak frank ‘n fries. Everything was good and came out fast. I can see how they get credited as the inspiration for the shake shack. Burger had that same crusty/salty thing going on. Frank was sort of a normal frank but the chili and the onions they put on was a nice touch…could have used more cheese. Fries were really good…thin and crunchy…though 2 orders was excessive even for me. Still I’m very glad to have it in the area.

    • Is it not possible to get a burger or hot dog a la carte? I’m genuinely curious if everything has to be with fries.

      • I didn’t even bother to ask. They probably would give it to you without fries…but they probably wouldn’t charge any less for it. That said, you can get fries without a burger.

  • LOL. Never said I was one of the first 150 customers. Just said I was lucky enough to score $520 worth of free meals for a year! :-)

    Glad to hear it was good! Thanks for the report!

  • Just had it and it did not disappoint…very tasty burger! (as Jules once said).

    Went at 2…waited outside for about 10 minutes, 5 minutes inside before ordering and 7 minutes after ordering…WELL worth it guys.

    The Milkman recommends

  • We arrived at 3:30am to land ourselves the 39th and 40th spots on line. While we can’t say for certain if the burger was worth the wait (after nearly 7 hours in the cold and rain we would have been happy to eat anything where it was warm and dry), we can easily say we had great fun meeting other burger enthusiasts, being some of the first in NY to try the food, and witnessing the event. We’re eager to return, use our coupon vouchers and see how good Steak ‘N Shake really is.

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    This place is not good. Went with two friends from work yesterday and we all ordered the Signature Steak Burger. The meat was bland and tastless. I even broke off a piece from the pattie to try it, and there was no flavor at all.
    The shake tasted like it was full of chemicals and could barely make it to the top of the straw. The only good thing about this place is the price…..
    Better off getting a burger and shake @ SHAKE SHACK and hit 5 GUYS for the fries

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